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To include
session report

£55 basic single horse rate

Discounts for 4+ horses

Contact for day rates


Guide prices Based on distance from Surrey or Somerset base, and is charged in addition to the consultation fee. Below is a rough guide on travel fee, however it is normally less dependent on number of horses to be seen in the area as I always endeavour to group bookings to keep travel fee to a minimum.

0-10 miles = Free

10-20 miles = £5

20-30 miles = £10

30-40 miles = £15

To include
conformation examination
posture check (pelvic and spinal alignment)
back and joint health check
session report

£60 – Per horse

This is not a substitute for a pre-purchase 2 or 5 stage vetting, nor is it to diagnose any lameness or illness. It is designed to help you make a more informed decision on purchasing a horse being more aware of any postural, conformational or back issues the horse may posess.

Permission of the current owner must always be sought, but veterinary permission is not essential as there will be no treatment involved in this session.


Varied and tailored talks and demos to suit your needs from anatomy and stretching, to performance boosting and basic back health assessment. Ideal for:

Riding Club and Pony Club camps
Vet practice client evening
Equestrian facility open/ information days
Equestrian demos/ events

Contact Bryony for prices and availability