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Just as a human athlete would have ongoing treatment for the maintenance of health and optimal performance so too should your horse.

Manual therapy is a well research and much trusted complementary therapy for human athletes. Importantly the research is also growing for its influence within the equine field, to add support and substance to the plethora of anecdotal evidence for its effectiveness.

Osteopathy helps maintain optimal joint mobility, muscular tone and circulatory function to enable maximum performance output. Osteopaths are also extensively trained to subtle observation and palpation skills to help bring any joint dysfunctions or unbalanced movements to your attention early, before they begin having a detrimental effect on performance.

Osteopathic techniques that improve spinal mobility and muscle function enable symmetrical movement and supple bending essential for dressage, as well as improving collection and lateral movements. Improving shoulder movement and neck freedom increases the length of stride and allow for more freedom over a fence. Restoring pelvic balance encourages symmetry of muscle development; this enables the full potential of the powerful hindquarters to be realised as they now engage give the horse power and acceleration essential for both jumping and racing.

Not only this maintenance treatments may reduce your horses risk of injury and wear and tear from overuse syndromes caused by unbalanced non-symmetrical movement.