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Osteopathy is recognised by vets as a natural and effective treatment to help with many common equine complaints. You will find that your vet is likely very welcoming of complementary therapy provided by a RAMP registered practitioner.

Osteopathy can help when you notice symptoms indicating postural imbalance or discomfort, for example:

Reduced performance
● Gait problems: e.g. tracking-up/short stride
● Stiff/ tense/ cold backed
● Reluctance/ avoidance of work
● Hanging on a rein
● Problems with head carriage
● Changes in behaviour: e.g. bucking/ head shaking
● Stiffness in the older horse

Osteopathy can help improve recovery time and outcomes in diagnosed illness or injury, for

● tendon injury
● lymphangitis
● kissing spine
● arthritis

Osteopathy is also an excellent choice for maintaining health and improving performance of your sport horse by maintaining good muscle tone, joint range of movement and circulation, as well as picking up on any imbalance before it begins to impact on training and performance.

Improving mobility in competition horses may improve

  • stride length
  • suppleness
  • jump height

Maintaining good equine posture may help prevent

  • overuse syndromes of joints and tendons
  • pelvic imbalance and spinal misalignment
  • resistance to work or impeded progression of training due to discomfort