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Hands on treatment to address back and limb pain, as well as support injury recovery.


Straightness, stride length, collection and jumping technique issues can all be helped by osteopathy.


Osteopathy is an gentle, effective & natural treatment to help many equine conditions.


A pre-purchase postural and back health examination can help you make an informed decision.

Just like you horses suffer the effect of physical stress. Help your horse move and feel better so he can perform to his best for you.

Feel confident in your practitioner, Bryony is registered with a highly regulated professional body demanding expert knowledge and clinical practice standards.

Covering your Area

Routinely covering Surrey and surrounding areas, with regular clinics held in the Somerset.

happy horses

A trusted service with excellent client feedback on quality of care and results.

Qualified practitioner

Feel confident and safe that your Osteopath is highly qualified and experienced.


An electronic report with diagrams helping you understand your horses problem areas

Bryony Burt

Bryony Burt

BSc(hons) Zoo, BSc(hons) Ost, PG Dip. Animal Ost.

I am a practitioner and lecturer of Equine Osteopathy, providing an expert solution for resolving back pain and performance issues as well as assisting injury recovery. I am proud to provide a well-respected service throughout both Somerset and Surrey and their surrounding areas thanks to my passion for thorough examinations, bespoke treatment and quick results.

Find out more about me on my ‘about me’ page, and why not add me as a friend on Facebook, i’m always available for a chat. 

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January 26, 2016